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Redefining Airline Experience

Problem Statement

How might we create a flagship Airline travel experience for passengers travelling in the Middle East.


As part of a 5-year digital transformation, we embarked on a multi-track direction with teams focusing on enhancing the existing, shaping the future with service thinking and bringing innovation as a constant to their expansive channels.

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Lack of Childcare


Lack of


Lack of Comfort

Flight Delays


My contributions and journey in Alhayaa
Manage my booking journey

I was an Interaction and User Experience Designer in this project. My domain was to design Alhayaa and its service for the iOS app.

I championed the features that
assist customers in their
pre - flight experience
. The main question we answered with the team were as follows -

“How might we help our customers
retrieve their flight booking on the Alhayaa app?”

“How might we help our passengers
track their flight summary and details?”

“How might we help our passenger
avail ancillary services like Seat change, Wifi access, Luggage allocation, Meal services?”

🖥️ Translating Web into iOS screens

Desktop start01.png

✈️ 58 airlines benchmarked - here are some below ⬇️

In our comprehensive benchmark analysis, we evaluated the features of 62 airline apps, focusing on functionality, user interface, speed, and overall user experience. Taking the insights from this exercise to flesh out the features, use cases, and content that would be incorporated into each screen of the Alhayaa app.

Key considerations being
easy discoverability and simplicity, ensuring that users can easily navigate the app while still being able to complete the most crucial tasks.

📈 Re-defined hierarchy - My trips & Manage my booking

1.1 Home

  • Check-In

  • Offers

  • Theme selection

2.1 My trips

2.2 Manage my booking

  • Trip summary

  • Proceed to check-in

  • Avail ancillaries

  • Upcoming trips

  • Retrieve a trip


  • Redeem points

  • Avail cabs

❇️ Iterations for the process of retrieving user bookings

Final flow for retrieve my booking

How will the flight summary and feature page look like?


Back to My trips

Journey details

Menu for flight change and invoices

Flight status

❇️ Wireframe options for flight summary & ancillaries

Iteration 01 ⤵️

Iteration 02 ⤵️

Iteration 03 ⤵️

Manage my Booking screens were designed for comfort and speed for passengers moving on the go

🎨 Final visual screens for Alhayaa

Website & App MVP experience

User testing in numbers

👏🏻 The team at Alhayaa

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